My Lucky Charm (Short Story)

My Lucky Charm (Short Story)

I was never the best student, I was even a little bit slack sometimes and a very big daydreamer. I hated studying and almost fell asleep of boredom in Maths class. But on one special day, Louise Cartridge, the smartest girl in school gave me a lucky charm. It was a sapphire elephant with emerald eyes and crystal tusks and it has brought me luck ever since, but not the sort of cruise-winning luck, the brainiac side of luck. I was unstoppable, brilliant, extraordinary, excellent, blitzing all test that tried to hold me back! I was… the smartest girl in school.

I am an appalling speller and yet there I was at the school spelling bee, wearing of course my sapphire charm, a second later I was handed a glistening silver medal. Coming up was the school’s 100 Facts Competition and Louise and I decided to pair up together. Together we were astonishing and together we came first! I was the best student in the school, all teachers adored me and I flew through all my tests.

So that’s just a coincidence? Well, on the 22nd of May 2009 I lost the elephant, the same day I failed my history exam! I thought I must have left it at home and decided I’d search for it that night. Unfortunately, no matter how hard I looked I could not find my elephant charm!

The next day I was surrounded by a mob shouting “Cheater, Cheater!” I looked behind thinking it couldn’t possibly be me, but the corridor behind me was empty!
I shook my head and ran to find Louise. She was in the science lab, “Louise,” I shouted. “I need a new charm now, please I’m desperate!” I wailed. “Don’t be silly, I made it all up! You don’t need a $2.00 charm, you can do it all by yourself, you just have to believe in yourself.” Louise replied.

I frowned and walked away. I studied hard to achieve a special goal, and used all my effort. I went to university, I studied all the books, I was impressive, splendid, remarkable, sensational, learning new things like never before! I was… the best teacher in school!

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